The history of cosmetic products goes a long way back . The first known cosmetics are mines, oils and essential oils found in nature.  Mostly in face and body painting with the colors they receive from clays mines, adding interest and mystery to themselves with scents, mixing oak ashes with animal interior oils to obtain soaps are the cosmetic products that come to mind first. Today's cosmetics sector has been formed with the cornerstones of the modern cosmetics sector, such as chemists synthesizing the molecule of a fragrance for the first time at the beginning of the 1900s, and synthesis of esters from fatty alcohols in the 1940s. Beginning to synthesize the smells and chemicals used for cosmetic purposes, falling prices, widespread use of products and production of hundred kind of cosmetic products enabled today's gigantic cosmetics industry’s growth.

    The cosmetics sector enters our lives with products that increase our quality of life by balancing the negative effects of urban conditions, letting us to feel better, and improving our mental health by improving our physical health.

    The ever-evolving industry brings innovation, technology and return to nature. Cosmetics, which have been used as charms and power symbols since the first period of history, now take place in modern life with a wide range of products and a multitude of expertise. This situation reveals the fact that it can produce innovative, competitive, personality, technological, natural and different products.

    Our aim for this first congress we will organize as the Association of Cosmetic Manufacturers and Researchers; Bringing sector representatives, academics, bureaucrats and various stakeholders of the industry together to create collaborations and share information. We chose the topics to talk about the future as Current Developments, Innovations and New Practice Areas. We believe that the Congress will be very beneficial to my country, our firms and sector representatives. Your participation will honor us.


Chemist Levent KAHRIMAN

Dr. Ph.  Levent ALPARSLAN

General Coordinator

Chairman of the Organizing Committee




Event Date

28-30 October 2018

Abstract submission deadline

21 September 2018




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