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Dear Participants, 

As the Cosmetic Manufacturers and Researchers Association (KÜAD), we will organize the ”Traditional International Cosmetic Congress” on November 7-9 in Antalya. This year the main theme of the congress will be “Minimalist Cosmetic Approaches”.
As it is known, the history of cosmetic products is based on very old. The oldest known cosmetics are natural minerals, oils and various plant extracts. We can say that the history of cosmetics has begun minimalist and has changed over time and reached its current state. Environmental problems which occured by the changes in today's consumer habits and increasing use, health and sustainability problems brought the minimalist approach back to the agenda. The minimalist cosmetic approach should emphasize the choice of the right products with right content at the right time. At the same time, through the integration of developing global biotechnological methods into industrial cosmetic production; it should be adopted less side effect, maximum benefit and maximum effect approach.
In this context, scientific developments, innovations and approaches supporting the minimalist approach will be discussed at the 3rd International Cosmetic Congress. Formulation, technology, packaging, regulation, marketing and environmental impacts of minimalist cosmetic approach will be analyzed by valuable speakers with different areas of expertise.
During the congress; we hope companies to increase their cooperation with universities by taking advantage of their specialization areas. Also, special meeting areas will be created in order for companies to create a platform of cooperation among themselves. At the same time, “Innovation Area” that new academic and sectoral studies and products are exhibited will be the focus of the the congress. In addition to the main sessions,  parallel sessions will be held as previous years to lead the subjects to be discussed in detail. 

We would like to see you in the “3rd International Cosmetic Congress”  which includes many efforts of cosmetic sector keyplayers, employees and scientists.

Hope to see you in Antalya on 7-9 November, 2019. 

Fuat ARSLAN                                                                                Levent KAHRIMAN

President of ICC                                                                           President of KÜAD
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