Dear Participants,
As the Cosmetic Manufacturers and Researchers Association (KÜAD), we announced that we would organize the ”Traditional International Cosmetic Congress” on 3 - 5 December in Antalya. 

As you may know, the COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately continues without slowing down. We try to fulfill our duties without delay by adapting to new conditions.

Due to this, considering the health of all our colleagues and in accordance with the recommendation of the Ministry of Health; The 4th International Cosmetics Congress will be held ONLINE between 4 - 5 DECEMBER 2020. You will be able to contact speakers, participants and suppliers through this system, which has been specially developed for congresses and is used effectively due to the recent situations all over the world.

This year the main theme of the congress will be “Ethnocosmetic”.

As it is known, cosmetics emerged as a reflection of the desire of people to be regular and immortal. Although the definition is being mentioned with feeling good and healthy, cosmetics found its worth by desire to be beautiful. Due to this, in today’s world when we want to mention the beauty of something, we define as its cosmetics.

The history of cosmetic products is based on very old. Although being beautiful is defined differently in every society, it has always been the most ideal situation. All societies are shaped to achieve the beautiful. The beauty of the human body, the beauty of the human spirit, the beauty of social unity. In some societies, being white is considered to be beautiful, while in some societies it is called beautiful to be brunette. In some societies, being overweight is considered nice, while in others it is nice to be slim. There are many opposite definitions of beauty and this situation still continues. Of course, being beautiful and reaching the beautiful is shaped based on these definitions. Accordingly, the materials and definitions used in communities have been varied. At this point, the relationship of each society to beauty has been formed through different dynamics. We can define the relation of societies with beauty as Ethnosmetic. For example, many concepts such as henna, tattoo, white skin, blond hair are the definitions of beauty of different societies. Each of these are Ethnosmetic examples. Or the belief that eating apples makes us beautiful is an ethnosmetic belief. Fairies or witches are ethnosmetic definitions that define beauty and ugliness. Definitions such as silver hair can be given as an example of ethnocosmetic definitions.
In this context, we can clearly say that ethnocosmetic is the definition and relation of every society and every person with beauty.

As the Cosmetic Manufacturers and Researchers Association (KÜAD), we expect the congress to provide an ideal platform for participants to share their experiences and discuss the latest developments in projects and innovations, new technologies applied to the industry in a multicultural and rich atmosphere. In addition to the main sessions,  parallel sessions will be held , to lead the subjects to be discussed in detail with the contribution of valueble speakers around the world. 

The virtual congress is new for all of us… For this reason, we try to do our best with great effort and devotion in order to organize a stronger scientific event in many respects.

We expect your participation and support for the excitement and enthusiasm we feel.

Hope to see you on 4-5 December, 2020.
Fuat ARSLAN                                                                                Levent KAHRIMAN
President of ICC                                                                           President of KÜAD

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