Dear Participants,
As the Cosmetic Manufacturers and Researchers Association (KÜAD), we will organize the ”Traditional International Cosmetic Congress” on 25 - 27 November in Antalya. This year the main theme of the congress will be “Sustainable Cosmetics”.

Sustainability is “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Brundtland). Global warming and increasing environmental pollution have led to the rapid depletion of natural resources and putting the future at risk. These issues, which are generally taken with the "triple responsibility" approach in the chemical industry, have turned into an economic approach with sustainability. Triple Responsibility is a principle that prioritizes the protection of human life, the environment and natural resources, and the existence of a livable environment in better conditions.

This situation and sensitivity has created the concept of "Green Marketing". Some of the companies have started to make "green" products as a sensitivity indicator and some in terms of cost management. However, at this point, it has become imperative to create alternative sources beyond this, and sustainable marketing and sustainable approaches have become a necessity.

In the cosmetics industry, it has been defined that products are "green" products, mostly on the basis of product ingredients. Defining this aspect alone is quite insufficient. We can define a sustainable cosmetic product as products that do not produce environmental waste, do not harm human health, and can substitute new ones while using raw material resources. On the other hand, instead of complex and many-ingredient formulas, effective formulas with fewer ingredients. In this way, technological approaches that increase the performance of components in cosmetic products can be a perspective that will cover sustainable cosmetic products. Many cosmetic companies develop products with this directional approach.
Today, sustainability-oriented meetings are held in many parts of the world in the cosmetics industry. By making the subject of "Sustainability" the main theme at the 5th International Cosmetics Congress, we hope and believe that many of our companies will prepare strategies in this direction.
As the Cosmetic Manufacturers and Researchers Association (KÜAD), we expect the congress to provide an ideal platform for participants to share their experiences and discuss the latest developments in projects and innovations, new technologies applied to the industry in a multicultural and rich atmosphere.

During the congress; we hope companies to increase their cooperation with universities by taking advantage of their specialization areas. Also, special meeting areas will be created in order for companies to create a platform of cooperation among themselves. At the same time, “Innovation Area” that new academic and sectoral studies and products are exhibited will be the focus of the the congress. In addition to the main sessions,  parallel sessions will be held as previous years to lead the subjects to be discussed in detail.

In this context, scientific developments, innovations and approaches supporting the sustainable approach will be discussed at the 5th International Cosmetic Congress. Formulation, technology, regulation, marketing, covid-19 pandemic and environmental impacts will be analyzed by valuable speakers with different areas of expertise.

We would like to see you in the “5th International Cosmetic Congress” which includes many efforts of cosmetic sector keyplayers, employees and scientists.
Hope to see you in Antalya on 25-27 November, 2021.
Fuat ARSLAN                                                                                Levent KAHRIMAN
President of ICC                                                                           President of KÜAD

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