Dear Participants,
As the Cosmetic Manufacturers and Researchers Association (KÜAD), we will organize the ”Traditional International Cosmetic Congress” on 01 - 03 December in Antalya. This year the main theme of the congress will be “Green Deal for Cosmetics”.

As you know, mentalities and paradigms are undergoing a change all over the world. We are going through a process which made itself known to us with Covid-19, has reached its climax with energy and logistics crises, and convinced us of its place in our lives due to shifting seasons.

This circumstance that has become mathematical as climate crises and the change of the earth's temperature is a vital issue that we need to face. The earth's climate that has possibly been rapidly changing ever since the industrial revolution has become more and more striking with the increase and variation in consumption. Right now, the alarm level has escalated. Some issues are at the point of no return. The countries of the world have acknowledged this issue as a threat to life on earth rather than perceiving it as the life concern of some sensitive persons or communities. With this important acknowledgment, some measures were quickly agreed upon. From this aspect, we can talk about the fact that there is actually a paradigm shift. This change will be reflected in concepts such as manufacture and consumption decisions, alternative energy sources, circular economy, soil-based innovation, high-efficiency engineering, and even individual lifestyles. Beyond these conceptual approaches and definitions, it was decided that a new economy is to be created and progress has already been made to that end. In particular, industrial organizations and non-governmental organizations are creating and must create emergency action plans to manage this situation. It is possible to consider the place where this whole process goes or will go and the atmosphere it will create under the concept of "sustainability". It can be said that "The Green Deal" is the road map, the guide to the finale of this period in some sense. Our goal as cosmetics Manufacturers and Researchers throughout the year and during the congress season is to discuss how/why/with what are we going to accomplish this goal and to ensure that our cosmetics companies are ready, our researchers are focused, and more importantly, an awareness is raised about how we are in the middle of this process. We are especially aware of how the companies that are excluded from the course of the green deal have no chance of surviving the next time period.

In this sense, we invite our manufacturers, researchers, and public stakeholders of the process, relevant environmental organizations and think tanks to discuss this crucial and vital issue and to prepare a roadmap for our industry.

We would like to see you in the “6th International Cosmetic Congress” which includes many efforts of cosmetic sector keyplayers, employees and scientists.
Hope to see you in Antalya on 25-27 November, 2021.
Fuat ARSLAN                                                                                Levent KAHRIMAN
President of ICC                                                                           President of KÜAD

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